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I began using this product in March of 2012 upon the recommendation of my ENT. Now that I have been diagnosed with atrial fibrulation and need to reduce the occurance of nose bleeds I am very happy to know about Nozami! Also that the price remained the same after 2 yrs!


After chronic intermittent nasal bleeds I experienced a severe nasal hemorrhage that could not be controlled by nasal packing. Finally, I had to undergo cauterization by ENT, MD who recommended NozAmi. Since using it twice daily, I have not had any nose bleeding. Thanks.

  EGL Los Gatos, CA

After suffering for years with dry and bleeding nasal passages and seeing several specialist (doctors) for these problems and even having sinus surgery, nothing - and I mean nothing - helped, that is until I found this wonderful product. Thank you to the makers of NozAmi. It is a wonderful product.

  GM Long Beach, CA

After suffering atypical sinus symptoms for 25 years, my current ENT physician told me to try Nozami. It is a true miracle drug! I am now ordering Nozami nasal spray for each of my reading, resting, and working stations. Nobody except the symptomatic knows the quality of life Nozami returns to our days and nights.

  cwc Pike Road AL

This product is the only product I can put up my nose for relief from dry nose caused by allergies and allergy meds. I would recommend it to anyone that is suffering with their nose in any way. Its nice to have finally found something that relieves my symptoms.

  SW Warwickshire, England

My hasband has suffered for years with sinus headaches. Nozami gave him relief quickly and safely.

  JM Arizona

I suffered for 6 weeks with a stuffy, crusty, bleeding mucosa. My physician prescribed a 2 week course of antibiotics and the end of which time I observed no improvement. Then a friend suggested I try NozAmi. Within a very short period of time of using it my nasal passages healed and I was able to breathe freely. I have had a history of sinus problems for over 40 years and have treated them with various over-the-counter medications (nasal sprays and so-called moisturizers) and prescriptions drugs (antibiotics). None of these gave me the relief that I get with NozAmmi. I now use NozAmi regularly to relieve the discomforts that arise from dry winter-time air and that crusty, dry discomfort that accompanies the end of a head cold. I am so pleased to have found your product and have recommended it to family members and many friends.

  ME Newark, DE

Following nasal surgery to correct a deviated septum and chronic sinusitis, I complained to my otolaryngologist that the surgery left me with a dry, crusty, bleeding mucosa. He said that these were not atypical symptoms for persons with what he described as "empty nose syndrome" or ENS, the condition applied to individuals who underwent surgery such as I had. He recommended that I try NozAmi to relieve the discomfort. After 1-2 weeks of daily use of NozAmi, the bleeding I was experiencing stopped and the discomfort brought about by the persistent dry, crusty nasal passages was gone. I also found I could breathe easily through my nose, even while I slept, something I have not been able to do in years. NozAmi provided an unexpected additional benefit. For years I had suffered from poor drainage. Within the first week of using NozAmi, I found that my normal nasal drainage returned. Since using NozAmi regularly, I found that I can use it only as needed -- for example, to alleviate the discomfort (dry, crustiness) I suffer during airplane travel or colds.

  JS Princeton, NJ

After years of difficulty after nasal surgery with dry, crusty mucus deposits in my upper nose and recently with bleeding caused by those deposits, I found NozAmi to be the best product to relieve symptoms and allow my nasal passage to heel. Other products dried up within a couple of hours of administration and left me with the problem. Using NozAmi three times daily, the sores that caused the bleeding have healed, and the crusting has become manageable. I now use NozAmi on rising and at bedtime with excellent results.

  WM Roseville, CA

I was introduced to NozAmi by a friend. I began by using it to obtain relief from the discomfort (dry, crustiness) that accompanies the end of a cold. Following my personal satisfaction in this regard, I began using it on my two daughters, ages 3 and 5 years, to relieve similar symptoms they developed during their not infrequent colds. I was pleased not only with the results but also with how readily they submitted to using it. Unlike most products that promise relief from nasal discomforts, NozAmi is not an astringent and does not sting sensitive young nasal passages while it acts to soften crusty discharges which can then be removed without painful suffering.

  NK S. Brunswick, NJ


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